Lipstick: The Pricey Game of Looking Good

In February, I read the Washington Post’s article about the FDA study regarding lead in lipsticks.  It’s not surprising that the cosmetic industry has no oversight, or established guidelines, but it is sad to see that the billion dollar industry chooses not to care for the health and beauty of women. Make-up is such a ritual and right to feeling your best and it is a shame that it is exploited with harmful ingredients such as lead.

One of my new social media passions is  You post pictures of things you like and if you click on them, it will take you to the site to look at the item. So when all of this hit, I posted a few pictures of lead free lipsticks and one company was a favorite among Pinterest pinners:  Bare Escentuals, which has a store over in Pentagon City. One of my favorite local haunts is Bellacara in Old Town, which offers many lead free products. I think some shopping is in order!  Some other companies who make lead free products: Zuzu LuxeMud Shop ~Make Up Designory and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup.

Here’s to looking healthy, beautiful and lead free!








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